What To Know About Aluminum Gooseneck Truck Bodies

If you want to buy a gooseneck truck body, then you have to choose between bodies made from aluminum or steel. While steel bodies have some advantages, aluminum products are often a better bet. Why?

Boost Your Payload Capacity

The gooseneck truck body you choose will have a payload capacity. The weight you can carry or tow on your truck has to meet this limit.

The truck's body itself affects the amount of weight you can safely and legally carry. The more your body weighs, the less weight it can hold.

You'll generally find that steel gooseneck truck bodies have lower payloads than aluminum ones. Steel is heavier than aluminum. So, if you buy an aluminum gooseneck body, then it will usually have a larger weight capacity than a steel alternative of the same size. You get more load flexibility in even the smallest of bodies.

Get Better Corrosion Resistance

One of the problems with steel is the fact that it can corrode. Even if you prime and treat the metal to give it corrosion resistance, these coatings might not last forever. Damage can also compromise anti-corrosion treatments.

For example, if part of your truck's body gets scratched, then the scratch could expose the base steel in the frame. If you don't spot or fix this problem, parts of your body might start to rust.

You won't have this problem if you buy aluminum gooseneck truck bodies. Aluminum doesn't corrode so you shouldn't have any rust problems. Your truck's body will last longer even if you work in a coastal area with high salt-water content in the air.

Get a Better Long-Term Financial Investment

You can't escape the fact that aluminum gooseneck truck bodies are more expensive than steel ones. However, trying to save money now could actually cost you more in the future. Aluminum bodies are generally more cost-effective over time.

For example, you won't have to pay for potential corrosion and rust repairs on an aluminum body. You won't have to reprime your body if it loses its original anti-corrosion protection.

Plus, you might be able to save money by buying a smaller truck body. The extra payload capacity of a lighter aluminum model could reduce the size of body you need. If you go with steel, then you might need to buy a more expensive product to get the payload weight you need.

To see some examples of aluminum gooseneck bodies, contact your truck supplier.