Main Benefits Of Metal Laser Cutting

New to metal fabrication? Metal fabrication companies employ various systems and processes to manufacture structural, architectural, or service elements from raw or semi-finished materials.

When it comes to cutting metal materials to the desired shapes and sizes, fabricators have a wide range of cutting systems to choose from, some more advanced than others.

Today's laser cutting systems are favored for a broad range of metal cutting applications because of the many impressive qualities they deliver. Check out these essential benefits that metal laser cutters can bring to your particular project.

Precise Cuts

Although occasional complications may arise, laser cutting is a highly accurate method of cutting metal materials to the desired shapes and dimensions. The laser beam is focused only on the areas of the workpiece that need to be cut, making it possible to cut complex shapes and trims with great dimensional accuracy.

The quality of the metal cutting system matters because it will affect the overall quality of the end products, impacting your bottom line.

Fast Cutting Action

Aside from delivering precise cuts, metal laser cutting allows a high cutting speed, which leads to a shorter cutting time. The high power of the laser beam cuts through the thickest of metal materials faster than traditional cutting saws, saving time on the delivery of your project.

As a result, metal laser cutting lends itself well to projects that require rapid turnaround.

Minimal Thermal Damage

One of the main drawbacks of thermal cutting methods such as flame cutting and plasma cutting is they can cause significant thermal damage to workpieces. Because of this, significant re-work may be required to fix the damage and deliver end products of decent quality. The rework process only causes fabrication costs to add up fast.

Since laser cutters use a highly focused laser beam to cut through material, the heat is concentrated only on a narrow range of wavelengths. Consequently, only a small area of ​​the workpiece is affected by the heat. 

The precise cutting process reduces the need for re-work, thus saving time and money on your fabrication job.

Remember that the overall quality of your metal fabrication project will not only depend on the quality of the cutting method that you choose but other fabrication processes as well. To explore the cutting options for your fabrication project, talk to a metal fabrication company. They will listen to your needs and advise you accordingly.