Reasons Your Hydraulic Cylinder System May Need Rebuilding

Emergency hydraulic cylinder repairs are nothing new for industrial and manufacturing companies. In fact, you may have someone or a designated team on staff just for these repairs and maintenance. There are times when the system may totally break down. You can prepare for this and make specific maintenance checks to help reduce these breakdowns. Here are a few of those reasons and how they can lead to system rebuilds.

Piston Nut Loosening

One of the leading problems for hydraulic cylinder systems is within the piston. The piston nuts can loosen over time. This is something that can be checked on a routine maintenance schedule. However, the piston nuts can loosen without warning. Even slight loosening can cause issues with the cylinder system. In severe cases, the loosening can cause the piston to slip from the rod. Once this happens, emergency repairs and sometimes rebuilding are needed.

Dirty Oil

Systems that run with the use of oil and lubrication will also need to have those two additives changed. The oil change should happen on a routine basis. If the oil is dirty or if clean oil or lubrication is added to dirty oil, then it can damage the system. The dirt and debris in the old oil can catch between bolts and cause buildup. The buildup can eventually lead to the moving areas of the cylinder, such as the piston, to move slower. The slower movement then eventually leads to the motors overworking and finally to system breakdown. 

Bore and Bearing Stripping

An issue that is not as readily visible deals with the cylinder bores and bearings. These bores and bearings are usually not visible during a quick systems check. The bores and bearings can experience stripping. The stripping will cause them to loosen and lead to bearings breaking or to parts suddenly coming to a stop. It can cause damage to the entire working cylinder and lead to needing emergency repair or rebuilds to at least part of the hydraulic cylinder. 

If you are experiencing issues and an increasing number of emergency system repairs, contact a professional repair service. A hydraulic system emergency repair service can step in and analyze your system. They can also let you know specific problems you may be having and how you can best tackle those issues. The contractors can also suggest maintenance schedules and specific maintenance care plans that work with your business model and needs.