Understanding How A Submersible Water Pump Installation Works

When you buy property that is off the municipal water supply, you'll obviously need to have a water well drilled. This can sometimes be a difficult process as the well water driller never knows how deep they will need to go to reach water until they get there. Once they reach the water table and verify the water is potable and palatable, the next step is to do the water pump installation. Here is what to expect when your submersible pump is put in place.

What Is A Submersible Pump?

A submersible pump is a water pump that is housed in the well casing itself. It is placed nearly at the bottom of your well, whether it is 50 or 500-feet deep. It will pump water to your home's holding tank.

How Is A Submersible Pump Installed?

A torque arrestor is attached to the top of the submersible pump. Torque is a rotational force that can eventually cause fittings to become loose. A torque arrestor prevents that. The diamond-shape also acts as a stabilizing bobber, keeping the pump centered in the well casing.

The electrical wires that are used to power the pump are housed in watertight PVC piping. This will need to run the entire depth of the well. A metal well casing was installed when your well was drilled. This casing is approximately 20 feet in length, but its length will depend on where the frost line is as it needs to be below it.

The metal well casing has a previously-bored hole on one side of it. It is welded with one part of a fitting on it called a single pitless adaptor. This part also sits below the frost line. A trench will be dug to reach this depth, and piping will be run laterally. This will be connected to the well's pressure tank, which sits above ground and houses the water that the submersible pump brings up and then is piped to the house.

The other part of the pitless adaptor fitting will slide into the mounted one inside the well casing, and black polyethylene pipe will be threaded into this. This pipe is attached to the pump, and the pipe may be hundreds of feet long. The PVC casing for the wiring is clamped to the black pipe, and the pump, torque converter, and wiring will all be fed down the well until it reaches a few feet off the bottom.

How Does This Give Water?

One the submersible well is in place, the well will be capped and the fittings to the pressure tank and emergency shut off valve will be put in place. The connecting pipe valve will be opened, and the power will be turned on. The pump will begin pumping water up the pipe, filling the pressure tank, and the water will be there, ready to use, any time a tap is opened in the house. 

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