A Few Tips For Saving Money On Boiler Repairs

When you need boilers to create steam to operate the machines in your factory, you cannot risk losing a day's production because one of them is not working properly. Unfortunately, having one that needs repairs not only costs you lost revenue, it also costs money to fix it. However, there are ways to reduce the loss you experience from a broken boiler. Here are a few things to do to ensure you are not out too much money.


The most important thing you can do to reduce boiler repair costs is to have regular maintenance on the entire system. This should include inspections, simple adjustments, and cleaning your employees can take care of on their own, as well as having a professional come to service it. When you have a large operation and use the system heavily, make sure you have both types of maintenance performed more frequently. Talk with a professional about what your employees can do and how often it needs to be done. Then, ask how often they should come to service the unit. Be sure to let them know how much the boiler is used and what your production numbers are.

Simple Repairs

When the technician comes to service the system, they will look for any issues that have not yet caused damage, but will in the near future. You need to make sure that they take care of even the smallest problem while they are there, so it cannot become something that will stop the system from working efficiently. Even if the problem will allow the system to continue to function, you want it to do so as efficiently as possible. Otherwise, you are wasting money. A small repair bill now can keep production high enough to more than make up for the cost in a short amount of time.

Pay Attention

You, and your employees, need to be aware of how the system is operating. At the first sign of a problem, contact the technician to come for an inspection. This will allow you to schedule an appointment that will fit in with the service company's schedule. When you have to call for an emergency visit because the system is not working at all, or there is a major problem, the visit is going to cost more.

Keeping your factory working to its full potential is important to your bottom line. Making sure your boilers are working properly is just one way of doing that. For more help, contact a company like Schweitzer Roger & Sons today.