Choosing The Shade Of Roofing For Your Commercial Building

These days, you have more roofing options to consider than have been available in years past. Your first thought may be to select roofing that coordinates with the colors used on the rest of the building, but the truth is, the color of the roofing that you choose will have a greater impact than just the appearance. Here, you'll learn a little about dark color roofing versus light color roofing.

Heat Absorption

It's known that black absorbs heat better than white, so, of course, the dark roofing will capture more heat than the light colors. So, if you live in a colder climate, the lighter shades of roofing can cause the heating bills to increase. Colder climates do better with darker shades of roofing because it will help to conduct heat and decrease heating costs.

Light roofs can also cause problems with snow and ice build-up. The darker shades of roofing will attract the sun during the winter and help to melt snow and ice before the weight gets to be too much for your roof to handle. Snow slides off of the roof are also an issue because it doesn't melt as quickly. So, if you plan to use light shades on sloped roofs in colder climates, make sure to invest in snow guards to help protect yourself from winter roofing snow slides.

Now, if the business is located in the southern states in which snow and ice isn't typically a problem, light shades of roofing are a better option. The less sun the roofing attracts, the less you will have to pay to keep your building cool. The light shades reflect the sunlight and keep things at a much lower temperature.

Building Codes

Building codes are put in place to keep everyone safe. Before you choose any type of roofing material to finish your commercial building with, make sure to check to find out if there are building codes that require a particular kind of roofing to be used.

Your best option is to discuss your options at length with your local roofing expert. Once you know what type of material you are going to go with, you can work to find the best price on the materials and the labor to get it installed. In the end, you'll have a roof that will not only protect your business but will also look great now and for years to come.

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