Five Benefits Of A Gas Water Heater

With advancing technology, there are a few options homeowners have when installing a new water heater in their home. This includes an electric water heater, gas and even solar powered. With gas being more traditional, you might think that moving away from it has it's benefits. However, gas water heaters, while traditional and considered to be old-school actually has many benefits over the other options, which is why most homeowners tend to stick with it. Here are the five biggest benefits of a gas water heater:

  1. Heats Water Faster: Compared to other options, gas water heaters can actually heat water in the home faster, which is especially ideal for larger households that uses hot water in multiple different areas at a time. 
  2. Cost Efficient: Since gas water heaters heat water faster, it doesn't require as much energy, which makes it more cost efficient. This is because electric costs are going to be reduced compared to if you have another water heater installed. 
  3. Recovers Faster: This means that your water heater is able to procedure more water in an hour than other types. This is both more efficient and more convenient, especially when water is used more often in the home. 
  4. Better Long-Term Costs: Many homeowners consider an electric water heater simply because it costs less to install. However, the long term costs of an electric water heater is more than a gas water heater. This generally means that you save more with a gas water heater. When it comes to solar powered, it is both going to be expensive to install and inconvenient, especially if you have a large household size because it's not able to produce as much hot water as a gas water heater. 
  5. Continue to Use Hot Water When Power is Out: When the power goes out, you can still use hot water in your home with a gas water heater. This is not true of an electric water heater and only true with a solar powered water heater until it's energy storage is used up, which isn't likely to happen unless it's not able to use energy from the sun for whatever reason. 

These are the five biggest benefits of a gas water heater and generally the reason why many homeowners continue to a gas water heater in their homes over other options. If you still aren't sure which type is right for your household, it's best to talk to the professionals, such as at Denton Gas Co., Inc., who can help you with more specifics based on your household size, water usage, and more.