What To Do When An Industrial Air Compressor Stops Functioning

Do you have a noisy air compressor that is no longer being used in your warehouse? Has the air compressor stopped performing some of the tasks that if once was able to? If you need a new compressor fast, don't rush into throwing out the other one. The noise and other problems might be easy to repair if the job is done by a professional technician. Browse this article this article for tips that can help you get through your situation with the problematic air compressor.

Rent an Air Compressor for Temporary Use

The first way to resolve your problem of not having an air compressor to use in your warehouse is to rent one. You will then be able to continue business as usual until your own compressor has been inspected by a professional. The type of compressors that will be available through a rental company various. If you want to rent a specific model of compressor, call a few rental companies in advance to find out if they have one available. You should be able to rent a compressor for as long as it is needed, but make sure it is taken good care of to avoid getting charged for damage.

Learn Why Your Compressor is Noisy

After you have a rental to use, find out why your air compressor has been making so much noise. A technician can come to your warehouse to inspected the compressor, or you can take it to a repair store. There might be something wrong with the piston in the compressor that is causing noise. A technician can look at the piston to find has been hitting the valve plate and making noise. It is also possible for loose parts to cause noise, which might be why your compressor doesn't work as well.

Get the Vital Parts Inspected for Damage

Being that the main job of the compressor is to produce air, get the parts that are needed for air production inspected. A technician can find out if the filter is dirty and worn out so it can be replaced if necessary. A broken head gasket can also cause problems with the compressor producing air. There are belts in your compressor that can become damaged and cause air production problems as well. The specific parts that should be inspected depends on which areas of the compressor are problematic and unable to function as usual.

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