Redesigning Server Rooms For A Changing Industry

Standard network devices just aren't so standard anymore. With so many new vendors either trying to push their new standard or not conforming to a standard in the first place, the standard server rack and rail system may provide awkward fits going forward. If you have a few devices mounted precariously on shelves or attached to adhesive strips, here's some information to figure out where the industry may be headed and how you can adapt with the help of a fabrication team.

Are Standards Really Changing?

The good news is that the bread and butter businesses such as Cisco, EMC2, Sun Microsystems, Brocade, and Juniper are following a reasonable standard for most of their devices. Unfortunately, the modern network team needs more than the standard backbone to push innovation or solve unique problems.

One major challenge is the odd, service-specific devices that have odd shapes and no easy way of mounting to standard server racks without heavy modification or a set of adapters. Some are sold by upstart companies looking to capitalize on accessories by selling all of their equipment with bundled infrastructure and supporting gear, while others may be home device with sleek designs meant to be on a shelf.

Server areas such as network operating centers (NOCs) or data centers are potentially more safe and organized than the home setting, but how does that oddly-placed device play into the bigger picture? It's less likely that a NOC will have children or pets running around while pulling on cables or causing general havoc, but that one accidental trip, tug, or pull by even a trained professional could send a device to the floor and your network resources down with it.

How Can A Fabrication Company Help?

Many of the problems surrounded non-standard devices can be easily solved by re-imagining your storage infrastructure. Don't buy more server rack beams and rails, because even if you adjust the width and height to get a near fit, it won't be as good as a fabricated custom fit.

A fabrication company can help by looking at the dimensions and handling requirements of your equipment, then designing a new set of server storage racks, rails, and other platforms to keep your devices stable across as many standards as possible. Designs such as clamping trays, cages, and vertical mounts can make every storage rack an efficient use of space.

Instead of littering your data center with different sized server racks of one or two devices, maximize your space and contact a fabrication company like Suburban Welding & Steel LLC for a custom fit.