Sandblasting Paint Off Of Metal Art

The great thing about collecting metal art is that it can be made to look different at any time that you desire. For instance, if the metal art is currently painted in a color that you don't find appealing, you can always remove the paint. After the paint is removed, you can then apply a fresh coat that is in the color that you desire. If you are not looking forward to removing the paint because there are so many pieces of metal art to work on, there is an easier way to get the task done. This article will give you some information in regards to how a technique that is called sandblasting can be done to remove paint from metal.

1. Performing the Sandblasting Technique

Using the sandblasting technique to remove paint is a simple task, as you will use a special gun to get things done in a timely manner. The gun works by using air and silica at a high pressure to remove paint. Basically, the silica is sand that is of a fine grade, and it is not harmful to the environment or your body. As you are blasting the paint away with the gun, sodium bicarbonate will come out of it. However, sodium bicarbonate is not something that you have to be concerned about.

2. Giving the Metal a Smoother Surface

Being able to remove paint in a speedy amount of time isn't the only perk that you will love about sandblasting. Another great perk is that as the paint is being removed, the metal will also be made smoother. You will be preparing the metal for a fresh coat of paint at the same time that the old coat is being removed. The sandblasting technique will also get rid of dirt or any other debris that is stuck to your metal art. You can start changing the appearance of the art in no time after the old paint is removed.

3. Avoiding An Excessive Amount of Manual Labor

When you sandblast paint off of your metal art, you will be able to reach spaces that are tight. For instance, the gun will shoot silica into the tight spaces without you having to use other tools to manually scrape the paint off. You might not have to do any manual scraping, but depends on the specific type of metal art that you will be working on.

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